Laser Hair Removal is such a popular and effective solution to unwanted body hair.  It can be used on any skin type and most hair types.  It is a great option for those who want alternatives to other hair removal methods.  Some find waxing too painful or their skin is too sensitive or, epilation can be very time-consuming.  Shaving is repetitive and can leave razor rash and some hair removal creams can feel very harsh on the skin.  All of those other methods can also leave ingrown hairs which can be painful and take a long time to go.

Laser hair removal can help you banish all of that for many years.  No matter your reason whether it is practical, aesthetical, hygiene or just for the fun of it, laser hair removal can be, quite simply life changing and bring with it body confidence and valuable time savings.  No more frantically hunting for the razor on those spontaneous nights out or indeed early morning gym sessions.  Forget that feeling of mortification as you raise your arms and notice you haven’t shaved those underarms or the swimming session delayed by bikini line shaving and the benefits of always feeling smooth and confident.

Eneka PRO diode laser

Introducing Eneka Pro diode laser hair removal medical grade machine. Eneka PRO is a Diode Laser device that allows quick, safe and effective Laser Hair Removal treatments. Results are guaranteed on all skin types and phototypes due to the high power, large spot size and multiple wavelengths. Eneka PRO technology incorporates a cooling system that maintains the handpiece tip cold which minimises pain and protects the skin. 

Eneka PRO is the World’s most powerful diode laser for hair removal.  

The versatility of our 808nm laser handpiece adapts perfectly to suit all skin phototypes, regardless of the colour or thickness of hair.  

The Consultation

In your consultation, we discuss which areas you want to get hair-free, we patch test you and if all is well we start your treatment 48 hours later.  Our courses are 6 sessions for women and 8 sessions for men and we do 4 to 8 weeks between each session depending on the area or areas we are treating. Essentially we could have you hair-free in no time and our clients are absolutely loving their results

The Treatment

Quick and virtually painless, we require your skin to be as closely shaven as possible and you must not epliate or wax in between sessions as it will diminish the results of your session, we need the hair follicle present so you can shave as much as you want in between sessions. We have lots of different treatment options, from a single area to combination areas to full body.

We have a solution for you. Simply drop us a text message on 07308 557 667 or an email at to book your consultation.